Sacred She "Fear"

My Tarot Card for this Love-Letter

I didn't want to pick this card, and when I did, I thought I had nothing to fear, so I wondered why it was coming forward. So, I closed my eyes, went inside, and saw the fear and where it was coming from.


Resilience Matters!

At my ripe old age of 81, I generally accept my age, honor it, and try my best to remain positive. Normally, this would work. However, we are now facing a financial crisis and I find myself thinking and worrying instead of problem-solving.

As most of you know we own a small boutique fitness studio, Alive! Fitness Studio, in Placitas, New Mexico. We moved it from California 6 years ago and changed the business model when my husband, James, was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, and he had to cut back his own role as a SafeStrength(r) Master Trainer working 5 days a week.

He came up with the idea to train more Trainers who wanted to learn our form of slow-motion, high-intensity, low-impact strength training on our specialized strength training equipment. We did not want employees like we had in California (while they were great and we loved them dearly, the paperwork, and legal responsibilities were overwhelming). We wanted to train and nurture other people and help them start their own businesses using our studio space.

We were fortunate to find a husband-and-wife team who fit this model, and they created their own fitness business, renting our Studio space two days a week.

Last week, they informed us of their plans to reduce their hours (and studio rent) to levels we cannot afford and continue to stay in business. While we have 60 days' notice, we're now scrambling to find at least 2 new people to train and start their own businesses using our currently available days. Given our ages and physical limitations, this is very daunting.

We've created flyers, which we posted in our Mariposa Community Center, and I'm posting this opportunity online wherever I can. I'm already overloaded with restarting my 1:1 coaching/mentoring, learning new writing techniques, writing this Love-Letter, , taking care of all our finances, and dealing with several health issues. Whew...this is even tiring to read!

That said, the above card reminded me that fear gets me nowhere, and I must pull up my big-girl pants, get positive, and go for it. So, I'm taking deep breaths, relaxing the mind, and picturing the best possible outcomes, and this is starting to help me relax into what is.

Dear friends, RESILIENCE is the key to overcoming obstacles and seeing what's possible instead of whining about the situation. How do you create your own resilience?

So, I'm sharing our flyer info with you so you can see what we are looking for and offering:

 Studio Front

Alive! Fitness Studio is looking for people who want to start their own small fitness business that could earn them as much as $70,000 a year, working only two days a week in our facility. I’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years, so I know this is possible.

We are looking for highly motivated people who love helping others create a better and healthier life for themselves. Here are the particulars:

  1. The training program costs $1995.00 for our 10–12-week program. This is a SafeStrength® Trainer Certification program; if you pass, you may use it anywhere it’s accepted. If needed, payment plans are available.
  2. If you pass Certification, you will be able to lease space from Alive! Fitness Studio and conduct your business there. After all, we have the best strength training equipment in New Mexico and a private and semi-private workspace in beautiful Placitas. We’ve been at this location for 5-½ years, and the demand has increased so much that we are turning people away.
  3. This is not an offer of employment! I wish to help other like-minded people get started in the slow-motion strength training business. As a Master SafeStrength®Trainer, this is my passion. If you decide to lease space from us, Alive! will help you get started with forms, consulting, and further training. We also pay for all utilities, internet access, appointment software, professional cleaning, etc.

For further information, please call or text me directly at 650-399-6840 or email me at You can also check out our website:

James P. Bell, SafeSrength® Master Trainer, SuperSlow® Trainer, Certified NLP Practitioner


Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested in this! We appreciate it, so much.




Your light does not come from your successes.
Your light is not ignited by perfection,
or achievement or body shape.
Your light is not fuelled by popularity or acceptance.
Neither is your light at any risk of being put out,
when other lights around you, are bright.
Your light is simply made of the you-ness that makes you you,
the worries you have in the night,
the music which sparks your joy,
the books you had to read twice,
the memories stored safely in your heart,
The people you love and the people who love you.
Your light is never dependant on how you look,
or how you perform.
It’s just there,
and it’s quite simply brilliant,
and it’s all yours.
And it lights up every room you walk into,
whether you activate it or not.
What a wonderful thing.
Shine bright little fighter,
this dark world needs your glow.

- Donna Ashworth

From ‘I Wish I Knew’:

US (signed while stocks last):


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