This little girl lizard lives in our backyard and has taken to watching us carefully as we tend to our garden. She's no longer scampering away in fear and seems to enjoy being around us. We are flattered to be trusted by this lovely little being. She must sense we would never harm her.



I'm sure most of you've been on an airplane at least once and remember the flight attendant giving you the emergency instructions; in case of loss of oxygen, the parents should place their oxygen mask first and then put one on their children. It makes sense, doesn't it, because the parent first needs to be capable of helping the child.

This applies not only to airplanes but also to our everyday lives. We are so busy taking care of others or bringing in the income to support our families that we often forget to put on our own "oxygen mask" first so we are able to help others with theirs.

Now, I can hear the objections already. Some of you may say to yourself: It's selfish to think of myself first. I'm not a good person (wife, mother, grandmother, you name it) if I put my needs before others. Well, consider this. Do your family, friends, or business associates deserve a tired, unhealthy, "not present" you who are overwhelmed, burned out, and exhausted?

Or -- do they deserve someone healthy, giving, present, energetic, and even FUN? Which person would YOU rather be with?

Also, ask yourself, do your loved ones have a role model who shows them how to care for themselves in mind, body, and spirit? Do they have someone who shows them how to serve from a fullness of spirit or one who is cranky, constantly tired, and too busy to spend time with them? You decide because it's up to you.

We need to take care of ourselves! If we show up for ourselves, we can show up for others, and it will spread. What if everyone showed up full of life, health, vigor, and wanting to be of service to one another? This would be a very different world.

Really examine what it is you are putting first in your life, and if it's not your health (body, mind, and spirit), your greatest asset, you are shortchanging yourself and those you love and care about. Don't make your life about quantity -- make it about quality.

Busy is the name of this game. We hear it a lot at our fitness studio -- I was too busy to walk that mile today, or I have to cancel my appointment because I have to work late, or I've got a last-minute errand to run.

As long as we believe we don't have enough time to take care of ourselves, we'll behave as if we don't have the time. Our behavior follows our beliefs -- it's a law of life.

What limiting beliefs are you carrying around with you?

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She wants to remind you how over-stretched you are, how exhausted you are.

How much you need to rest.

She knows you see that too, and she wants you to keep it close, now life is so busy again.

No more using stress, tiredness and lack of time as badges of honour.

You see now that life doesn’t have to be a race.

You know what value lies in the silence and the peace.

You met yourself again and she wants you to hold on tight.

Most of all she wants you to remember that the world won’t stop if you do.

Only Mother Nature can do that.

Take it slowly child of the universe, you're not here to burn out, you’re here to burn brightly.

Protect that precious light of yours, you only get one.

- Donna Ashworth

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