Goodbye 2023 & Hello 2024

Even though it's been a challenging 2023 for me and some of my friends, I can feel a positive change coming in with 2024. My new program starts in February (finally), and I have several wonderful women on my Waitlist; my husband's health issue seems to be in remission, and I am so, so excited about life!

I wish you all a 2024 filled with growth,  self-care, many positive experiences, and fun, a lot of fun.

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I promise you it will be worth waiting for it.


A Blessing Beyond Measure

Have you ever received a gift from someone you love that takes your breath away?

What if this gift helped to ease years of the pain you felt over something you had to do but has haunted you ever since you did it?

Have you ever received the gift of absolute love and understanding?

One Christmas, I received a gift that did all that and more and moved me to tears. My youngest son, Matt, gave me a scrapbook he had made, a scrapbook filled with pictures of me, my three sons, and my current husband. It was filled with quotes, and one in particular brought home to me just how much he understands my pain:

"Children and Mothers never truly part - Bound in the beating of each other's heart" -- Charlotte Gray 

I keep re-reading this book of love and acceptance, and each time I do, I am moved once again to tears.

My former spiritual teacher told me many years ago as I cried while sitting before him, "Don't hold back the tears; tears open your heart." My heart is bursting open with love and gratitude for the gift this picture book has brought to me.

Thank you, Matt, for showing me such love and understanding. It helped me face a very challenging 2023 Christmas.



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Love and many Blessings to you - Taru


Taru Fisher
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