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Bright, Shiny Objects Are Not My Friend!

I don't know about you, but I have a terrible tendency to like bright, shiny objects. What objects, you may ask? Well, ever since I was a very young child, I was addicted to reading and learning. It was the one thing that kept me sane in the crazy household I lived in with my Mother and Father, who had never wanted kids but ended up with me.

I found that I wanted to read so badly that I'd grab a book, hide under the covers, and read until the middle of the night, finally dropping off to sleep at 3 AM, 4:00 AM, etc., all the while hoping my mother wouldn't discover it and make me stop.

I didn't have an actual bedroom; I slept in what had been a dining room in our 1-bedroom, 1-bath apartment that had been carved out of a much larger house in my hometown of Mountain View, California. It had a minuscule kitchen and a living room that had been converted from a large porch. My "bedroom" was between the kitchen and my parents' bedroom so it was NOT private, so I could be found out whenever one of my parents went to the kitchen or living room.

So, it's not surprising that I continue to love reading and learning. Over the past several years, I have signed up for a number of courses, most of which were those low-cost lead magnet ones that exist to introduce the creator of said course and get me to buy the big kahuna course for big bucks. These are my personal "bright, shiny objects". Here's a list of those courses:

Courses I've Signed Up for and Not Finished-AARGH!

  • Anita Moorjani - "Transforming Your Life Through Near Death Experiences, on The Shift Network.
  • YouTube Master Class – marketing with YouTube Videos
  • Clarissa Pinkola Estes - The Power of the Crone, on SoundsTrue
  • Thought Leaders Institute – About Simple, Scalable Groups
  • Jon Schumacher – Grand Slam Webinars
  • Matt Rudinsky - Writing a Book
  • Simone Grace Seol's Joyful Marketing/Home/Writing Specific Copy/Slumber Party. It is the best investment I've ever made, bar none, and one I learn from and work on every day.
  • Bloom Gluten-Free Baking – I mainly bought this for my hubby, the Chef in the family.
  • Zonia - Health & Longevity-Ageless Docuseries

Crikey! I think I may have even forgotten some! This is kind of scary. At 81, will I even live long enough to finish what I've started? I’m planning on it.

Well, I've stopped buying even these $27, $37, $47 lead magnet courses. But right now, I must decide about buying yet another BSO…a $37 Canva course! This course is very tempting as I need to make Instagram reels, Facebook business page posts, my 10 Tips for Powerful Aging eBook cover, and more. And I know a few other women Entrepreneurs who swear by it. Hopefully, if I get it, I won’t swear AT it!

 What do you think? Email me with your take on all this. I'd love to hear your thoughts about my learning addiction. And please don’t tell me about those tempting courses you’ve taken (or are taking right now). Well, maybe that will be OK if you think they are fab.

I’m an addict!


TTWYA Update

I have 2 wonderful women, both Coaches themselves, in my first Transform the Way You Age Group Program module, Health and Wellbeing. We began on February 1st and have met on Zoom three times. We are co-creating this program and fine-tuning it while having a blast. I couldn't have asked for two better women to do this for/with. My next Module, Transitions, will start in May, so stay tuned for further developments. Oh, and if you'd like to get on my Waitlist, drop me an email at taru@tarufisher.com




As time goes by,

You will loosen your grip on that rock,

The one you always thought was home,

And you will realise that home is not a place,

It’s a state of mind.

Let it go.


As times goes by,

You will learn to see yourself more clearly,

The girl who was always too much of one thing,

And too little of another, was actually

Everything she needed to be.

Let her out.


As time goes by,

You will let the simple things become the big,

And you will allow the big things to become the simple,

And that readjustment will be,

The day you really start to live,

Let it be.


As time goes by,

You will be forced to say goodbye many times,

And your soft little heart will shatter but,

It will still beat and that will bring you,

All the purpose you need.

Let it beat.


As time goes by,

You will stop choosing wealth over peace,

You will stop choosing money over time,

And you will see that the treasures you need,

Are in the smiles and the laughter.

Let them in.


As times goes by,

The moments you remember when your life flashes past,

Are never the awful memories my friend, it’s the joy,

The summer nights, the lazy days with loved ones,

The midnight chats and the morning hugs,

Let them happen.


Let them all happen.


- Donna Ashworth



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Love and many Blessings to you - Taru


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