I pulled this as my Tarot Card for today, and it is so significant because I just began my Transform the Way You Age Group Coaching Program on Thursday. I was so terrified I’d forget all my NLP training and how to coach. I was questioning myself as to why I was so crazy to do this at 81. But it was wonderful, nourishing, and I dropped my perfectionism and my self-critical mind and PLAYED. It was beautiful and I fell in love with my 2 new women friends.

Within the explanation of this beautiful card was this poem:

"Come with me.

You are me.

We cannot separated be.

This journey is both yours and mine.

May we rise and soar outside of time.

With every breath that we are taking, so goes the world that is our making."


The Beginning - Part 1

I'm taking my first steps toward writing a book about my life, which I have been toying with for over 20 years.  Some of what I'll share will no doubt reveal things about my life that are unpleasant and even shocking.

I am not looking for pity; some of this is not pretty, but I accept it all as a learning experience and part of my path to finding myself as a whole and complete woman.

One of my first memories, which I can still vividly see, is of sunlight coming through a window, the feeling of water all around me, and floating gently and peacefully. I never understood why this memory stood out in such a vivid way. I was a baby of less than a year old, not even a Toddler.

I learned why when my Mother, on her deathbed, confessed that she had placed me in our bathtub, closed the door, and waited 15 minutes for me to drown before opening the door. When she finally did, I was floating on my back, blowing bubbles and cooing. She said that she took it as a sign I was supposed to live and took me from the water.

I felt a sense of relief when she shared this with me as it helped me understand our relationship.  I then understood why I felt so strongly that I must take care of her, be a "good girl," and stay out of the way.

My Mother and Father had fallen deeply in love when my Mother was a never-married woman of 36, and my Father was 33. They hadn't planned on having children and were dismayed when I was born exactly 9 months and 1 day after their marriage in 1942. I was a somewhat unwelcome outsider whom they had to integrate into their new marriage, so I get where they were coming from.

That feeling of being an outsider in the family continued until the death of my Father when I became the person my Mother depended upon for her needs, which I willingly gave to her until she died in 1986. Even though she was a difficult person to share a life with, I loved my Mother and took care of her as best I could. 

What does all this mean? I had to learn to be self-sufficient at a very early age, develop a strong sense of my capabilities, and learn how to love and care for even the most difficult people. It created in me a feeling of responsibility to care for people who need help and to understand that even the most difficult or different people deserve love. And to find the joy in life, the playfulness, and the sense of humor that serves me to this day. For this, I am grateful.




If you are ‘too much’

too emotional

too sensitive

too loud

too quiet

too honest

too deep

too loving

come sit with me

and we can pool our too much-ness

and send it up to the moon

to scatter amongst the stars

let it find solace in their brilliance

expand a million times more

and shower the world

with that light

of ‘too much person’

for one person

If you are ‘too much’

come sit with me

my friend

I like too much

you can be too much

and more

with me.

- Donna Ashworth



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