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Donna Dimino!  You are the lucky winner with this caption, "I am a Confident, Quirky CannaCrone who delights in trusting my inner guidance, the knowing that has always lived in 'my bones', and no longer depends on what I see or hear outside of myself."  Send me an email so we can schedule your Tarot Card and Pendulum reading soon.

Lasell Bartlett was a runner-up with a quirky caption.  And you know me, I love quirky, so here it is just for laughs:  "Hand me the bat. I’m ready for the piñata!" Lasell, you will be getting a one-card Tarot reading...just because I want to. Get in touch so we can arrange this.


Play is Powerful

I have such a difficult time playing. Working seems to be my default, and I'm tired of it. Some years ago, I worked with an excellent Coach who knew how to play and tried to teach/coach me. He partially succeeded, but I need to write this to help me get back in a playful mode instead of always sitting in front of a computer!

So, let's consider play as:

  • A timeless state, disconnected from time.
  • Something that can be infused into any activity or blocked off for a specific time.
  • Something that pertains to a light-hearted attitude or frame of mind.
  • A spontaneous, voluntary, and pleasurable activity.
  • An activity imbued with curiosity and exploration. 

Here are some powerful effects that play, and a playful mindset can have on us.

So, Play is:

  • As important as sleep.
  • Connects us with possibility, creativity, and innovation.
  • Establishes trust between individuals.
  • Helps us get ''unstuck'' or shift problems.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Makes living more fun, a no-brainer!
  • Supports brain and heart function.

More FUN facts:

  • Humans are biologically programmed to play our entire lives.
  • The first play act often is the laughing, happy gaze between a mother and her baby.
  • Humans can suffer from play deprivation.
  • Play that involves movement helps the learning process.

What gets in the way of play is our beliefs, that story we hold in our brains that dictates how we should live.

Where play is concerned, many of us have tightly held beliefs that we can't or shouldn't, or we couldn't possibly play - not until we finish these tasks or any other excuses we come up with to avoid playing.

We don't get to play until we finish our work. We don't get to play because we must be productive. Adults don't play – play is for children. Life is serious. We can't afford to… yada, yada, yada. You get the point. So boring and not helpful!

We have a limited definition of play. We think of it as something we must earn and then schedule, but because we're never done, we never manage to earn it.

If everything we do has to have a purpose attached to it, even if we are playing, we've turned it into something that is supposed to produce a result. This situation is NOT playful.

We're simply out of practice; we've lost our play fairy; we've given in to the circumstances of our lives, letting them close us down rather than open us up to our playful selves.

Tips to get you playing:

Infuse play into your day. Remember, it's all about your attitude, not about your schedule. In fact, what if instead of calling work, ''work'' you called it ''play?'' I can hear your inner Puritan recoiling but try it. A simple change in your thoughts can have a powerful impact.

If you're feeling out of practice, get a play mentor! If you have a dog, they might just be perfect. Or perhaps you need a princess of play who will help you cultivate a light heart.

Take frequent breaks during your day. Get up and dance your ass off to break up the energy.

Listen to music to lighten your mood. I play music while I'm working. I love it, and It always helps me to brighten up my mood.

Smile! This one is huge. Smiling also helps when you feel stressed, upset, wobbly, depressed, or anxious. Experiment with smiling. I smile…a lot, and it breaks any lousy mood and sometimes even works on my husband's bad mood! That's surely a blessing.

Dance in any way that moves your energy, even if you don't feel like it. Just go for it however you can. Do a funky, uncontrolled dance in front of the mirror first thing in the morning. Just remember to do something for yourself that helps you start your day with light-heartedness and fun.

When you're out in the world, engage with people. Turn it into a game of connection; make it a point to connect with other humans with a greeting,  a smile, or a ''Hi.'' This gets you out of your own drama and into the world where you belong. And your smile could make the recipient of it feel better, too. I do this a lot and I see grumpy people lighten up when I do. The world needs us!

Set play dates with friends. No talking about work, absolutely no bitching, just a light-hearted connection with a fun activity.

Finally, I want to help! Feeling stuck or not sure how to get this party going? Pick up the phone and call me at 650-995-4343. Together we'll come up with your own, personalized play plan designed to have you playing as you work every day.




“It is difficult, in this society, to embrace the crone. When women in their twenties begin saving for face lifts, when women in their thirties exercise and diet to exhaustion, when women in their forties hide their age for fear of being judged negatively—where is there room for the one-eyed wizened crone goddess of our foremothers?

It takes courage to be a woman, but it takes special courage to face aging in a society where, because women are only valued for youthful appearance, age makes women invisible…

Difficult as it may be to embrace the hag, it is necessary—for women of all ages. For if we live long enough, we all grow up to be hags. And so long as we concur with our society’s degradation of the older woman—by silence and by action—we make our own potential futures more difficult. Embracing the Cailleach can be a step toward embracing our own potentials as purple-clad, powerful crones ourselves.”

~ Patricia Monaghan, “The Goddess Path: Myths, Invocations, and Rituals”


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