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My New Years Non-Resolution

 My mind was racing again as I thought of the thirty-odd things I had to do, all seemingly critical to my success as a Coach. As I did a FaceTime call with my friend Devi, I whined about how much work I'd had to do on getting my courses, etc., up and running on my new online coaching business system; I whined to my other friend, Anupa, about a visit from an old friend that had created more unfinished work for me to do. In retrospect, It seems like I whined to every unfortunate soul I came in contact with that day - ick!

As I listened to myself, I began to feel uncomfortable at how un-resourceful I sounded and how I sounded like a freaking victim -- which I certainly am not! I stopped in my tracks, looked at my work, and realized how much I had accomplished and enjoyed much of it; it was fun and challenging.

I had allowed an old habit of not being present to what was happening to sidetrack me from noticing what I was doing at that moment, moving from one task to the next intuitively and gracefully and enjoying myself.

As I let my ideas and old habits drop away, I became still and saw the absolute perfection in what I had chosen to do at that moment. Past moments dropped away, future tripping stopped, and I went for a walk -- I simply let go and followed the flow of what was right in each moment, and it was perfect and effortless and fun.

I feel a certain sense of freedom now and much less stress as I let go of things that don't serve my purpose and add back activities that bring me joy.

There is no way I can succeed in my coaching business or relationships if I continue to do it all and feel overwhelmed. Doing everything leaves no room for "being," no room for creativity, and no room for spending time with family and friends.

So, my resolution for 2024 is not to have any resolutions because all I do with resolutions is beat myself up. So, the only resolution that feels right to me is to resolve to relax and rest whenever I think I need to. No guilt, no problem; I will rest, recover, and start again.

Why is resting so hard for women? Why do we let ourselves burn ourselves out? Why do we keep going even when we feel like we need to rest? We don't have to do that. Life can be "funderful." That's the word I made by combining fun and wonderful.

The older I get, the better I see the unconscious moments and move away from them. I like aging and becoming wiser, and I'm making FUN, my middle name!


My BIG Announcement! 


Get clear and make a plan for aging powerfully, passionately, and purposefully. You can do it, and I'll guide you in a fun and fulfilling way without filling your journey with stuff you don't like. You'll be part of a 6-woman group of like-minded women who will provide support, share their knowledge, and cheer you on. Update! I have two wonderful, fun, smart women who have joined my Pilot so there are 4 spaces left!

This is a pilot program, and entry is only available through January 15. My next program will not be a pilot, and the price will double. So why am I offering the Pilot so inexpensively? Because I’m counting on you to give me really honest feedback about what you like and what you don’t like so then the next program will be even more spectacular! You will be a co-creator of a very valuable coaching/mentoring program for women who want to transform the way they age.

Why am I not making this an Evergreen lifetime program? Because I’m 81, and who knows how long my lifetime is going to be? So, I don’t want to have you buy into something “lifetime” that may have a short duration. I’m not saying this to create some kind of unethical marketing urgency. But it’s the truth, not just for me, but also for you. Why? Because we never know how long we’re going to live. It’s kind of a crapshoot given the world we live in, and I’m pretty sure I may (or may not) make it to my Grandma‘s age of 96, dancing till midnight on her last Birthday, going to bed, and then not waking up.

Get this program while I’m alive and kicking! With nearly 20 years of coaching and mentoring experience, I am very good at what I do! I love helping women create a richer, more satisfying life. I’ve done it myself, so I know how.  I offer 3 levels of pricing for this 3-month Pilot program: $1800, $1200, and $600, with 3-equal monthly payments if that's needed. Those who are able to pay the top price are paying it forward for other women who cannot afford that price. I trust you will pick the level appropriate to your financial situation.

Why am I offering 3-tiers of pricing based on your ability to pay? I need to test the Pilot for my Transform the Way You Age Group Program, and I need your feedback. This offer is limited to six women (now 4!), so send an email to me at right away to let me know if you are in...or out...or want to discuss it further. More information on the structure, days, times, etc.  can be found here 

It's going to be absolutely transformative!

I'm so happy to be able to offer this program to you!!

And here's a testimonial from someone I absolutely adore:

            Kris Hallbom, International Coach Trainer, Leadership Coach, and Founding Partner at NLP Coaching Institute of California:

"Taru is a talented Coach, Mentor, and Trainer who operates with the highest of integrity at all times. She has an amazing ability to uncover the hidden blocks that keep her clients from being their best selves. She is a true Master at helping her clients move to their next level of personal and professional success. Taru has also lived an amazing life and has gained up a lot of wisdom throughout her travels - and she has a warm and wonderful way of using her wisdom and inner guidance to help others. Anyone who seeks out Taru's services will benefit tremendously from all the gifts she has to offer."




I sometimes forget

that I was created for Joy.


My mind is too busy.


My Heart is too heavy

for me to remember

that I have been

called to dance

the Sacred dance of life.


I was created to smile

To Love

To be lifted up

And to lift others up.


O’ Sacred One

Untangle my feet

from all that trap


Free my soul.


That we might


and that our dancing

might be infectious





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Love and many Blessings to you - Taru


Taru Fisher
Alive! Fitness Studio LLC/Seasons of Life Coaching