I was 18 years old and had just graduated from Mountain View High School in California. I thought I needed a makeover to get a good job, so I went to "Charm School," and this is the result. It only lasted about six months because I didn't feel like "me," and it was way too much effort to keep up. I did have beautiful skin and kept it for a long, long, long time by washing my face in hot water with Dove soap...go figure!


Crusader Rabbit and Anti-Aging Potions, Lotions, and Injections

Because my husband's nickname for me is Bunny, I've decided my current moniker is Crusader Rabbit. What's my crusade, you ask  -- it's to debunk all those creepy myths of aging and get us to embrace the process instead of fear it. My husband just commented on my new title; he hopes it doesn't become Rabid Rabbit. I'm sure you'll let me know if it does. But hey, sometimes it takes a lot of energy and forcefulness to overturn the kind of aging stereotypes we're subjected to on a daily basis.

I'm sure you've noticed those ubiquitous television commercials where women are encouraged (coerced) to use various "anti-aging" potions, lotions, and injections. It's as if our natural aging process is somehow flawed or a disease that needs curing by our friendly pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies. It reminds me of the old 1960s menopause myth perpetrated by a male MD who made a natural process, menopause, a disease, and, with the help of the drug companies, got millions of women to medicate themselves unnecessarily with a potentially carcinogenic synthetic estrogen. A drug which, by the way, was created at the expense and inhumane treatment of countless numbers of pregnant mares.

Did you know that innocent animals are subjected to the botulinum toxin that makes up Botox to make it safe for us? And that they are injected with Botox at various doses to see what doses paralyze them. If they aren't paralyzed, then the Botox dose is considered too weak. However, the animals that receive too much Botox become paralyzed to the extent that they suffer horrible deaths from the paralysis of their respiratory muscles. How can we use any product that makes a fellow creature suffer like that? I, for one, will live with my wrinkles -- I've earned every one of them!

Now,  Botox also works on your face to reduce those pesky wrinkles by paralyzing your facial muscles - hence the robot-like expressionless appearance of the Botees. Moreover, the treatment is temporary, which means once started, if you want to maintain that "permanent pressed" look, you'll have to continue to inject yourself with the botulinum toxin. Oh, by the way, it's made from the bacteria that causes botulism, a potentially lethal illness that can lead to paralysis and death!

Now, I'm not advocating doing nothing to keep your skin and body beautiful and healthy. I'm advocating doing it naturally and out of LOVE for our bodies rather than fear of "looking old." By naturally, I mean eating the foods and taking the supplements that nourish our skin from the inside out. So, what are these supplements? According to an issue of Nutrition Action, the vitamin C in fruits and vegetables and the linoleic acid in foods like nuts, soybeans, and oils may protect the skin from aging. Vitamin C apparently reduces the wrinkled appearance and dry skin usually associated with aging. The linoleic acid helped reduce skin atrophy and dryness.

I use some botanically-based, not tested on animals products from The Ayurveda Experience. I use one called Vauvari Amplified Youth-Spring to keep my skin as soft and smooth as nature allows, and it's made specifically for aging skin. I've also started using their Rufola Eye Emulsion Peri-orbital product around my eyes, and it's helped with dark circles (gained by working night and day at a damn computer). Their products work exceptionally well; no animals are harmed, no animal products are used, and no mineral oil. No kidding, as many of you know, I am not a cosmetics kind of gal, so these have to be superior for me to like putting them on my face. I am so picky! By the way, I am not making one red cent from recommending them. I rave about them because I love these products, see great results, and want to make you love me…LOL.

 Now, I do have wrinkles, and so what. They're a natural part of the aging process. Vive la elder Diva!!



I have a really cool younger friend, Danielle Slupesky,  who is an End-of-Life Coach and Sacred Passage Death Doula. I know these are things we generally don't like to think about, but it's important to plan for these in advance.  Your family will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Danielle is a former R.N. who had a near-death experience and afterward knew what she had to do as her new path in life.  Check out her website,  deathdouladanielle.com





I don’t have crow’s feet,

I have happy happy memories of laughing with friends until the tears flowed.


I don’t have frown lines,

I have the marks of my frustration and confusion, which I battled through, smiling in the end.


I am not going grey,

I have shimmering highlights of wisdom, dashed throughout my silver hair.


I don’t have scars,

I have symbols of the strength I was able to find, when life got tough.


I don’t have stretch marks,

I have the marks of growth and the marks of motherhood. My womanly evolution.


I am not fat,

I bear the evidence of a life filled with abundance, blessings and good times.


I am not just forgetful,

I have a mind so full of stories, memories and moments there is scarce room to hold much else.


I am not old,

I am blessed, with a life of great length, something not everyone can say.


Don’t change the way you look my friend,

change the way you see,

change the way you see.


- Donna Ashworth

From ‘To The Women’ https://amzn.eu/d/i8Xpzmu


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