Honesty Tarot Card

My Tarot Card for this Love-Letter

Well, the cards spoke to me again, and the funny thing is I wrote my Love-Letter before I pulled this card! And it is so perfect for what I have to say today. What do you think?


Why Do I Write These Love-Letters?

I love writing content that helps women see themselves as valuable members of our society, supports them in their various endeavors, and also gives my reader friends valuable information about aging well.

But that’s not all! I am on a mission to create a community of strong, resilient women who can help change the world for the better. So, I have created a Facebook Group, Wild Women of Wisdom, which I am inviting you to join. It’s a private group so if you’re interested, request to join here, https://bit.ly/3KqvEDC

My dream is to guide women on how to become more resilient, more confident, more, more, more…and yet, slow down, relax into themselves, smell the flowers, and still have the energy to make a positive difference in others lives.

If you’re not already a friend of mine, I want you to become one just for the support I can give, freely and lovingly. Of course, I want to have some of you fall in love with what I have to offer and work with me as your Guide and Mentor.

But, given I am nearly 82 (my, how time flies), I only have so much energy available for supporting paid clients; hence my limiting my openings to a total of 6 official client/friends, who will get, as we say in New Mexico, "The Whole Enchilada!" Or, all of my NLP bells and whistles, and a deep dive into making aging fabulous and even fun!

My other reader/friends that are not in my group of 6, will forthwith be subjected to fun, and sometimes cray, cray Love-Letters, periodic offer’s of a complimentary Tarot Card Reading, a free 45-minute Virtual Call-A-Crone Chat, and even 1:1 email conversations…all at no cost or obligation. That said, given any limitations on my energy I may encounter, there will be times when I have to take care of myself first and say no.

Why am I offering this? I know many of you may not have the funds to work with me on a paid basis, and I still want to provide value for your participation in reading and responding to my Love-Letters. And I live for doing this work, and would love to live a little longer.

P.S. I deeply appreciate your readership and ask that you refer my
L-L-’s to your friends and acquaintances so they may find value, too.




”We have to live differently or we will die in the same old ways. Therefore I call on all Grand Mothers everywhere on the planet to rise and take your place in the leadership of the world. Come out of the kitchen, out of the fields, out of the beauty parlors, out of the television, step forward and assume the role for which you were created: to lead humanity to health, sanity and happiness. I call on all Grand Mothers of Earth, every person who possesses the Grand Mother Spirit of respect for life and protection of the young, to rise and lead. The life of our species depends on it. And I call on all men of Earth to gracefully and gratefully stand aside and let them (let us) do so."

- Alice Walker


Taru's Tips

At some point in our loves we will become concerned about how well we can remember things. Are we forgetting too much (what IS too much?), remembering incorrectly,  you know what I mean. Well, I recently began reading a marvelous book, "Remember: The Science of Memory and the Art of Forgetting by Lisa Genova.

Here's one of her suggestions:

"You’ll learn that attention is essential for creating a memory for anything. If you don’t pay attention to where you park your car in the mall garage, you’ll struggle to find it later, but not because you’ve forgotten where you parked. You have forgotten nothing. Without adding your attention, you never formed a memory for where you parked in the first place."

I have noticed this about myself as well. When I am in a hurry and rush through tasks, etc. I can forget where I put something, or I forget to put an appointment in my calendar, etc.

Oh, and if you walk into another space and forget why you went there, retrace your steps and start over again, and 9 times out if 10, you'll probably remember what you went to get or do.

However, If I make a conscious decision to pay attention to what I am doing in the moment, i.e. give it my full attention, I remember what I need to do.

We live in a busy, complicated world and we need to focus our attention where it matters.



Because you are a loyal subscriber I want to gift you a complimentary 45-minute Call-A-Crone Virtual Chat, even if you've never been a client or spoken with a Crone (LOL) before. This is NOT any kind of sales call; it's meant to give you some quick help. I love doing this work and have time in my schedule now. So click on this link to schedule: http://bit.ly/3GEKV1h .



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Taru Fisher
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