I pulled this as my Tarot Card for today, and it is so significant because, for me, it means remembering I am not separate from all that is, and I am safe to reveal who I am. Sometimes I am happy, sometimes not, and all is allowed and honored. May it be that way for you as well.


A Template for Healing - Part 1

Once upon a time, I had the privilege of attending the NLP IASH Conference and hearing two of the world leaders in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Kris and Tim Hallbom, share their latest work on healing. Their presentation was powerful and moving. They call it a “template for healing,” and I want to share it with you. There’s a lot, so I will split it into two parts. Here’s part 1:

  • Take responsibility for your condition and let go of resentment, anger, and blame. Those kinds of emotions release chemicals that sabotage the healing process.
  • Don’t allow your disease/condition to define who you are.
  • Become friends with your diagnosis, and welcome it as having a positive purpose. For example, instead of saying I have a large tumor, re-name it as being a healing, shrinking part of my body. Make it a positive representation rather than a frightening one.
  • Be grateful to the condition for warning you by saying to it, “Thank you for my healing.”
  • Carefully figure out who your support team is. Make sure they are hopeful, positive, supportive people who won’t require your support. Your pet may even be a part of your team!
  • Create a simple (but true) story to tell others, especially yourself. Avoid the negative details and make it a matter of fact.
  • Check to see where you are now and what could prevent you from healing. Take on each one and do some work with re-imprinting around it or changing limiting beliefs.
  • If you know how to use eye movement integration and/or Dynamic Spin Release, use these tools to provide first aid when feeling panic or fear. And, if you don’t know how to use these tools, I can help. See the Dynamic Spin Release process in the Resources section, below.
  • Hold both ends of the healing spectrum, healing and NOT healing; acknowledge the shadow side of your condition where you may not heal. This is not to dwell on the shadow but to merely acknowledge the possibility.

As someone who has a chronic condition (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and who has successfully disidentified with it, this was so very helpful. It gave me more tools to affect an even greater healing.

Good stuff, really good stuff! Try it, you'll love it...




Healing Spin Vortex (using Dynamic Spin Release)

Purpose - The purpose of this process is to help you release a physical symptom or issue that may be bothering you through the art of creative visualization and spin. In healing, repetitive use of positive visualization allows access to the mind-body connection. This lets the mind and body work together to foster the healing process of the body on a physical level.


  1. Identify a physical symptom that may be bothering you, and notice the location of it.
  2. Think about that symptom, and notice which way it is spinning.
  3. Reverse the direction of the spin with your hand, and imagine a vortex of energy swirling around the area you are working on. To enhance the process, choose a color for the vortex that feels good to you.
  4. Set your intent for that part of your body to begin healing, and to release the symptom, and continue to see the vortex spinning.
  5. Now pull the vortex away from the area you’re working on and imagine it being released back into the Universe.
  6. Think about what it will be like when you have released the symptom.

 Repeat steps 1 - 6 several times each day whenever you think about it.

Note: You can also do this process without using your hands by simply imagining the vortex spinning away- and then setting your intent for that part of your body to begin healing.

©Tim and Kris Hallbom 2024 • NLP Institute of California • www.nlpca.com






You are going to wish your body was more,

You are going to wish your body was less,

You are going to wish your body would change,

You are going to wish your body would not.


You are going to wish your body was many things,

between now,

and the day you leave this mortal coil.


And one day,

as is always the way,

you will look back,

and see,

that your body was always as it should be.

Doing its best

To be you,

for you.


And you are then going to wish that just once,

you had told your body,

‘I accept you, as you are, right now’.


And that maybe had you done this,

you would have spared yourself a lifetime,

of wishing for something you didn’t really ever need.


That what it was you should have been wishing for, in fact,

was the courage to accept,

the strength to embrace,

the wisdom to really see,

what you have.


You’re going to wish for many things,

when it comes to your body.


Or you could just wish for health.


And live your life,




-Donna Ashworth


From ‘I wish I knew’



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