Honesty Tarot Card

My Tarot Card for this Love-Letter

I pulled this lovely Sacred She Tarot card to inspire me for what I might say today, and this is what appeared. It is absolutely perfect for this Love Letter. Some much-needed HONESTY is about to be revealed. Hang on!


Is Doing Group Coaching a Fit For Me?

Many of you know that with my latest program, Transform the Way You Age, I've pivoted to doing Group Coaching rather than Individual, 1:1 coaching, as I had been doing on and off for over 18 years. My goal was to reach more women to coach and mentor as they age and to make more of an impact in a shorter amount of time. I spent nearly a year creating a course with modules, lessons, resources, you name it, and I worried and fussed over it. Perfectionist that I am, I got lost in the details and never felt it was quite good enough, but I decided to go for it anyway.

I thought 6 women was a good number (my trusty pendulum said it was), and I was able to attract two wonderful women to sign up for my initial 3-month module, which began on February 1st. Both of these women are also coaches, so they are a tough crowd and know what's good and what doesn't feel right for them. 

We are entering our third and final month on Monday, and so far, I am underwhelmed by my group coaching/teaching skills. Why? These wise women of 2 disparate ages already know a lot about the content I present and teach. Due to their age difference, they have different needs and aspirations, and I'm finding it difficult to stick to my program and provide them with what they may have been expecting. They are NOT complaining to me. They are loving, caring, wise women who are sticking with me as I modify and move things around. It was positioned as a pilot program, and I am getting very valuable feedback and seeing what works and what doesn't. They are showing me where the gaps are, and I am so grateful. It's been a big learning for me, and I needed it.

I have discovered that I much prefer working with individuals in a 1:1 container rather than a group. Now, this is scary because my tendency is to feel like a failure and drag myself down—NOT THIS TIME! Now, I know I can pivot back to 1:1 in May when this group program is done, and I am not a failure; I am a work in progress. Working 1:1 with my women is like breathing for me, and I love to listen so deeply and hold space for them. I am crazy about helping them find their OWN solutions to their issues. My part is to help them move in the direction of their flow, and what's important to them, providing support and encouragement to move forward even when fear is present. This is my passion.

I used my Pendulum to ask the question, "Should I stop doing group coaching and return to 1:1 work?" It gave me a huge "YES," and I felt a deep breath coming. I instantly felt lighter, freer, and so happy. I'd been trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

And, to my amazing coach, Simone Seol, I send great gouts of gratitude for helping me destroy my perfectionism, my fear of failure, and showing me being authentic is the only way to live my life.

So, you two beloved women in my current group, I am blessed you are with me until the end, and I am so grateful you have shared your own wisdom with me about what works and what doesn't.  I am very happy to gift you three individual sessions after our group ends.

Now, dear readers, what stops you from doing what's best for you in your life? What stories do you tell yourself about what you deserve, what you're capable of, and what is OK to fail in? Be sure to take some time to ponder this and see what needs to change in your life. I support you 110%!




We are always running out of time

and we know it.

So we move faster, do more,

fill life to the full to better make it count.

When what we really should be doing

is slowing down, stopping,

taking in the world around us

and squeezing everything 'out'

of the moment,

not in.

It's only when the pace settles

and the breaths deepen

that life can truly be absorbed.


We are always running out of time,

and we know it.

So start being here and now, my friend,

because we do not know

when that last grain of sand will drop.

And you may miss the beauty of that moment.

Never miss the beauty of that moment.


- Donna Ashworth

From 'life': https://amzn.eu/d/9Y6E6kz



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