March 2024 Snowy Tree

New Mexico Weather

Yesterday, it was 47 degrees here; last night, the temperature dropped, and rain and then snow followed sometime in the night as we were sleeping. This is a picture I took of the flowering crabapple tree we can see out of our kitchen window.

By 10 am this morning, the snow was nearly all melted, and the sun was so bright, I needed my sunglasses! We have a saying here in New Mexico: if you don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes.

Tree of Life-Jen JenThis wonderful "Tree of Life" was on the front of a card given to me by my dear friend Jennifer Jaciw. It has a lovely metallic look, and the colors are vividly delightful. I rarely save cards, but this one speaks to me every time I see it. It brings me so much joy, and somehow, I feel anything is possible.


The Oracle of Aging

Once upon a time, I was a long-time member of BNI (Business Networking International). In our chapter, we had someone who wrote introductions for members who would be giving their 10-minute presentations. Our resident Member Experience person was none other than the fabulous Susan Schwartz, Brand Strategist, Speaker, and Queen of Branding. To learn more about her, click on her name, above. It will take you to her LinkedIn page.

I was doing my presentation in a week, so Susan and I spent quite a long time on the phone, and I regaled her with stories of my life. Because I was 67 then, I had quite a few stories to tell. Susan came up with the following: I have some questions for you after you read it.

"Bawdy. Naughty. Dangerous. Wild.

Spiritual. Centered. Profoundly reverential.

Passionate. Purposeful.

Physically challenged. Tired.

All of them -- at one point, or many, in her life, have described our resident Oracle of Aging with grit and grace, Taru Fisher. 

In her youth, Taru went to India to sit at the feet of her guru. I don't know if reincarnation was part of her studies, but I don't think Taru has to worry about coming back. She's had more extraordinary experiences in this one life than most people probably have in several. From living in a spiritual commune to working in a psych ward, to experiencing the divine bliss of oneness and the pain of arthritis.

That's barely the beginning.

Obviously, I can't even give you the whole story. But I can tell you, she is planning to write a book. And you will definitely want to read it.

Taru, actually Premtaru, means tree of love. Taru received her name from her guru, who also told her that many people would come to sit under her branches to be nurtured and receive love.

And that is exactly who Taru has grown to be --

Strong. Centered. Wise. Wonderful -- unshakable."


OK, I had no idea what she would say, and this introduction floored me. I wondered who she was talking about--and then I realized it was ME.

Is this what she'd gotten from our conversation? If so, how could I possibly deserve it? It was that old "self-worth" thing again. Part of me absolutely loved it, and another part cringed in embarrassment. And yet another part of me felt so much pressure to live up to these words.

It's been 13 years since Susan wrote this so beautifully and powerfully, and while I have felt a lot better about how complimentary this is, I still harbor doubts. That said, it certainly has given me food for thought and helped me create some of this Oracle magic in my life. I'm more committed than ever to being a beacon of hope and learning for women as they traverse aging in a world that is generally not kind to us.

So, to people who know me, I've got the following questions:

1- Do I warrant the title, The Oracle of Aging?

2- If I do, for what reasons?

3- What do you expect from an Oracle of Aging?

Each of you who answers these questions will get a groovy, fun, and insightful one-card Tarot reading from me!

Open your email now and send your answers to

The Oracle of Aging is off to do the dishes now.



Aging Isn't About Lost Youth

It's about finding who your true friends really are. The difference between shiny and worthy.

The confidence to be yourself in any room. The time to dedicate to things that bring you joy. The wisdom to say no to the things that don't.

The freedom to choose your own path in life.

The courage to be happy in your own skin.

The knowledge that very little truly matters in the end.


- Donna Ashworth


Transform the Way You Age Group Program

Most coaches don’t address Aging and instead focus on entrepreneurship, relationships, or changing the outer circumstances of their client's lives, rather than addressing the core issues we women face as we age. These core issues that, if addressed and solved, will allow us to continue to greet life with joy, and freedom from constant worry about getting older.

Imagine wearing whatever you like, regardless of your age.

Imagine lighting up a room with your elder energy instead of feeling invisible.

Imagine how amazing you will feel once you have a plan in place for aging well, with confidence and joy in your daily life.

Imagine doing this with a group of caring, supportive women who are playing together, supporting one another,  and having fun.

This is my Transform the Way You Age Group Coaching Pilot Program!

It consists of two separate modules. I am already into the first Module, Health & Well-Being, and the second Module, Transitions (purchased separately), is due to begin in May.

It will cover rekindling your passion for life, living alone and loving it, end-of-life planning, and having FUN as we age. Session topics are flexible and can be changed as we go along if other issues of more importance to the group arise.

You'll be part of a group of like-minded women who will provide support, share their knowledge, and cheer you on. 

I offer three pricing levels for this three-month Pilot program: $1800, $1200, and $600, with three equal monthly payments if you need to spread it out over time. Those who can pay the top price are paying it forward for other women who cannot afford that price.

My next program will not be a pilot, and the price will increase.

So why am I offering the Pilot so inexpensively? I’m counting on you to give me honest feedback about what you like and what you don’t like so the next program will be even more spectacular! You will co-create with me a valuable coaching/mentoring program for women who want to transform their aging journey.

Why am I not making this an Evergreen lifetime program? Because I’m 81, and who knows how long my lifetime is going to be? So, I don’t want to have you buy into something “lifetime” that may have a short duration.

I’m not saying this to create some kind of unethical marketing urgency. But it’s the truth, not just for me, but also for you. Why? Because we never know how long we’re going to live. It’s kind of a crapshoot given the world we live in, and I’m pretty sure I may (or may not) make it to my Grandma‘s age of 96, dancing till midnight on her last Birthday, going to sleep, and then not waking up.

Get this program while I’m alive and kicking! With nearly 20 years of coaching and mentoring experience, I am very good at what I do! I love helping women create a richer, more satisfying life. I’ve done it myself, so I know how. 

Schedule a Discovery Session right away at or email me at . It's going to be absolutely transformative!



If you know any women who would benefit from reading this, please forward it to them. And if you (or they) want to get my 10 Tips For Powerful Aging, click on this link:

Love and many Blessings to you - Taru


Taru Fisher
Alive! Fitness Studio LLC/Seasons of Life Coaching