Perfection Tarot Card

My Tarot Card for this Love-Letter

When I got this card, I nearly fell over! This is a great card for me as I still have the last vestiges of Perfectionism, even though I have shed most of them thanks to my participation in Simone Seol's Home program. Today, as I was going over subjects, the thought of how to make it "perfect" invaded my mind. Well, this will NOT be perfect by any standard except my own acceptance of myself.


Perfection Is, What Is!

So many times, I have railed against my imperfections: how I dress, how I present myself in public, how I treat others and myself, how I create my Love-Letters, and how I created my Group Coaching Program. Yada, yada, yada. My results (and I by association) were not perfect enough, and people will discover I am a fake and a fool. ICK! That was then, and this is now.

Now, I have begun to successfully let go of my negative opinions of myself and my work and have FUN. What a difference that has made in my life. I understand my own definitions of "perfect" are only one lens to look through, and it's definitely NOT a good one.

So many times in my life, I have tried to change things to hopefully please others, to be "safe," and to fit in. That came from not feeling safe in my relationship with my parents and my first husband. That could well have been the early death of my being and was so destructive. Now, I neither want nor need to "fit in." I want to be seen for who I am, and my tribe will find me. Will everyone love me? Hell no! Do I need them to? Hell no!

I know we all have some (or a lot) of these attitudes in us, and here is how I have come to believe I am OK the way I am. By trying to be everything to everyone, we can lose our essence and our uniqueness. We will NEVER be able to please everyone, so we must first learn how to please ourselves, and in doing so, we will blossom and have more of our authentic selves to share and make the kind of friends who will accept us in all our frailties. We need friends and family who will stand by us through the storms of life and be a willing ear when we need one. I have friends like that, and I treasure them.

When things don't go the way I want or expect them to, I take a deep breath and see what is possible, what's the next best step, and do it. I have stopped trying to make the world, and people conform to my wishes and instead look for acceptable alternatives to try. I find acceptance and resilience to serve me well.

For instance, I put my heart and soul (and a year of my life) into creating my first Group Coaching Program. All the so-called experts had convinced me that was an easier way to create a financially successful business. I attracted two wonderful women into my Transform the Way You Age program, and so we began. I soon discovered that all my prep work was not wanted or even needed. These women of differing ages had different needs and wants than what I had so meticulously prepared. At first I was devastated, started to doubt get the idea. Then we all had a discussion and decided to throw out the subjects going forward and just be in trust with each other. Suddenly, it all became clear that what was perfect was what happened, not what I had thought was needed. What a fabulous lesson!!

Now, I have two new friends, and we have decided to meet weekly to work together on a course with Simone Seol that we are all taking: Writing With The Sword. This is PERFECT, and because I didn't let myself define it as a failure and instead as a learning experience, I am restarting my 1:1 coaching/mentoring program as well as a new Tarot Card Reading with guidance/mentoring/coaching as part of it. This is perfection and not a neurotic need to please and feel safe.  Woo  Hoo!

Perfection is...what is!





It is not just your mother who may walk with you in spirit, it is her mother too. And her mother’s mother. And her mother’s friends, who loved by choice and not blood. And the women before them. Generations and generations of female energy, watching in admiration as you forge ahead living better, feeling better, accepting better, than they ever did. As they were much hoped you would.

So, when you feel low, lonely or unloved. Remember them, feel them. They are with you, and they burn brightly with their boundless light, in everything you do. You, my friends, are the ‘moment in time’ of many women gone before, and you will lay pathways, like they did, for those who come up next.

What a beautiful, unending legacy.

- Donna Ashworth

From ‘Wild Hope’ 🤍




Now you know that I'm not doing any more Group Coaching. It's not my thing. I love going 1:1 with my women in a deep and profound way. So...I'm starting my 1:1 work again and want to play with no more than 6 women, 1 at a time. Contact me for more details.

Hey, I am an older woman who knows her limits and capabilities and wants to get through this alive!

I'm also starting to offer my wise, wacky, and wonderful Tarot card readings, along with some "coaching" (I've come to dislike that word), mentoring, and guidance. These were previously reserved for my close friends, but you all feel like close friends now, so I'm offering them to you!

There are two options: a single 60-minute session for $65 and six sessions for $300. The six-session package is good for six months and then expires.

Pick up the phone now and call me at 650-995-4343, or send me an email at right away. It's going to be transformative andsp much FUN!



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P.S. If you find any mistakes in this Love-Letter, ignore them as you well know, I am NOT perfect!



Taru Fisher
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