My Tarot Card for this Love-Letter

I don't have one today.




On  Thursday, I had Cataract surgery on my right eye. All went well, and I am using this time to recover as I am pretty tired. This will be short and kinda sweet today.

My eyes have been my Achilles Heel since I was a 5-year-old. That was my age when I had the first surgery in the United States to correct Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) at Stanford University Hospital. I already had to wear glasses, and no one told me this traumatic surgery would NOT improve my vision, so I thought I would be able to stop wearing them.

I thought I could be like the other kids (who called me 4-eyes) who didn't wear glasses, and the bullying would stop. Learning I would be wearing glasses for the rest of my life was a shock. To this day, I vividly remember the conversation with my Mother about this. I have since come to terms with and actually enjoy wearing glasses now. And now I also know how to deal with bullies!

I am currently dealing with low vision in both eyes, Wet Macular in the left eye, which requires ongoing injections, and no central vision in my right eye. The recent surgery was to remove a large and lumpy cataract from the right eye and perhaps improve my peripheral vision.  

So today, I am stopping my Love-Letter here as I want to rest that lovely eye and aid its' healing. Looking at this screen isn't cutting it. If I feel better in a few days, I'll send out a real Love Letter!

No matter what happens with my vision, I am moving forward with my life and my mentoring/Guidance/Coaching. It is my life's breath. 


Here's a poem of Donna's to inspire you.





I don’t think friendships

are given enough credit

we sign no contract

we say no vows

and yet we are there for each other

for better or for worse

in sickness and in health.

We laugh together

in life-giving amounts.

We cry together

without shame.

We pull each other up out of the mud


and again

and again.

I don't think friendships

are given enough credit.

Unwritten love stories

each and every one.


-Donna Ashworth

from her new book




My New Offerings

I love going 1:1 with my women in a deep and profound way. So... I'm re-starting my 1:1 work and want to play with no more than 6 women, 1 at a time. Contact me for more details.

Hey, I am an older woman who knows her limits and capabilities and wants to get through this alive!

I'm also starting to offer my wise, wacky, and wonderful Tarot card readings, along with some "coaching" (I've come to dislike that word), mentoring, and guidance. These were previously reserved for my close friends, but you all feel like close friends now, so I'm offering them to you!

There are two options: a single 60-minute session for $65 and six sessions for $300. The six-session package is good for six months and then expires.

Pick up the phone now and call me at 650-995-4343 or send me an email at right away. It's going to be transformative and so much fun!



Because you are a loyal subscriber to my Love-Letters, I want to gift you a complimentary 45-minute Call-A-Crone Virtual Chat. I promise this is NOT any kind of sales call; it's meant to give you some of my insights to shed light on any situation with which you feel you need some quick help. I love doing this work and have time in my schedule right now. So click on this link to schedule: right now.



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