Wisdom Tarot Card

My Tarot Card for this Love-Letter

Well, I do love this card with a Whale's eye and want to impart some very important wisdom about our own Ageism in this Love-Letter, so here goes!

Internalized Ageism...I Have it!

Last night, as I was putting on my new favorite Ayurveda Experience night cream, I noticed two new lines on my previously smooth forehead.

Taru's Forehead

EEK! My mind felt a twinge of fear. In that fear, I recognized my own internalized ageism. At age 81, lines, wrinkles, some sagging skin, and thinning hair are normal. I had to deal with my fear quickly.

Luckily, I’ve been reading a very valuable book on Ageism, “This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism,” by Ashton Applewhite, whom I heard speak in a recent webinar. She spoke about internalized ageism, and my ears perked up. I thought to myself, “Great, I don’t have to deal with that,” but that was before I looked in the mirror and saw THE LINES.

Well, those suckers aren’t going anywhere fast, so I decided to face this fear. I have no intention of dreading my future as I age, so I’m pulling on my big girl pants and reframing this experience!

Lines, wrinkles, and health issues are natural occurrences as we age. We’ll also likely develop some frailties as we get older…it’s normal FFS and not our fault!

I have more than a few health conditions (some I’ve had since I was in my 30s) that I’d rather not have, and I work hard every day to heal and deal with them. However, my life will not be defined by those health issues or my LINES.

Ashton Applewhite states in her book, “As we age, we blame ourselves for a vast range of circumstances not of our making and over which we have no control.” Don’t do this to yourself!

We are all going to get old, every single one of you reading this; we’re aging each and every minute since we were an egg in the womb. The only escape from aging is death! So let’s not make aging a problem, but a time in our lives to explore new things create resiliency, and have some freaking fun!





Unstoppable they called her
but I saw her stop
many many times.

I thought she had stopped
for good

but no
she always found a way
to resurrect.

To rise again.

Not the same
never  the same.

Each time a little more determined
and a little less vulnerable.

Unstoppable they said
but I think
it was in the stopping

that she found
her power.

- Donna Ashworth



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Love and many Blessings to you - Taru


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