Devika's FaceThis painting is by one of my best friends and talented artist, Devika Sherry Gordon. I love it! It speaks to my divided mind and makes me think about seeing both sides of an issue and healing that division. What does it bring out in you?

Are You a Crone? I Really Hope So!

I am becoming one, and I am proud of it.

According to Berta Parrish, Wise Women's Way author, Crone's are to be admired. She says, "The Crone is the wise woman archetype in Greek mythology with the triple goddess figure of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Drawing on a lifetime of experience, Crones accept the past, give unconditional love while also cultivating self-love, trust their intuition, seek solitude to meditate, discern what is most important, speak their truth, listen to their bodies, improvise, laugh a lot, express their gratitude and fierce compassion as well as feeling empowered, rather than inferior."  

Berta also identifies our tasks as a Wise Woman:

  • She transcends restrictive social roles and customs.
  • She deals with the fears and the reality of decline and loss rather than denying or exaggerating them.
  • She reconciles the masculine and feminine principles and other polarities within her unconscious shadow.
  • She develops an empathetic understanding of human nature instead of manipulating people and accumulating possessions.
  • She connects with the divine within.
  • She creates a mythic or symbolic perspective, transforming personal pain into growth.
  • She provides practical counsel and inspiration for youth, sharing her knowledge, wisdom, and skills.

I don't know about you, but I love this definition. It's so much better than the definition in the Dictionary (probably written by a MAN), which states, "A withered witch-like old woman" They also say words related to the Crone are bedlam, hag, ugly…you get the picture. It's not pretty or even true. We get to define our own wise woman Crone; no one else should do it for us.

This seems like a tall order, but if not we women, then who will take up this much-needed journey? I welcome it and embrace my inner Crone. She's been waiting many years to arise and be a force for good.

Are you ready to grow into your Cronehood? Or do you still believe those negative definitions? I'd love to know, so drop me an email at


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I’m a big fan of women with raucous laughs,
women who overshare awkward truths,
when the conversation stalls.
I’m a lover of singing loudly in the car whenever possible
and I love pulling alongside a fellow diva doing the same.
I’m a big fan of women who love women,
who spot lipstick on teeth and help each other out,
when Mother Nature calls.
I’m a huge believer in comparison being the thief of joy,
that dimming someone else’s light,
won’t ever make yours shine more brightly.
I just can’t get enough of those women,
who are unashamedly themselves,
in technicolour glory.
I’m a lover of laughter and those moments,
when the tears of joy start to flow, give me life.
I think the best therapy is quality time with a friend,
who listens without judgement.
I’m a big fan of women who break, who share,
who rebuild each other and cheer along the way.
I’m grateful for this world half-full of fabulous females,
I see you all,
each and every one.
- Donna Ashworth
From ‘the right words’


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Taru Fisher
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