Why are you getting this two days after the Newsletter issue date? Because on April 7th, I tripped on a curb, fell, and broke two bones in my left foot! Evidently, they were seriously demineralized, so I've had to put no weight on it, use a wheelchair and basically sit or lie down since then. Today I finally ventured onto my computer so I can share this lovely article from who else, Damon P. Miller II, MD, ND, about bone health. Enjoy!



Our bones are alive, constantly renewing and rebuilding themselves, and to have strong and healthy bones, there are some simple steps you can take.

The most important drug for your bones is exercise. Gardening and housework are some of the best exercises. Running, walking and cycling give a good workout to the legs, but do not do much to strengthen the bones of the spine and upper extremities. If your lifestyle does not include cutting wood and carrying water, you need to include weight training in your exercise routine. I prefer slow-motion weight training for its safety record and effectiveness (this is what they do at Alive! Fitness) Studio. Yoga and Pilates classes that focus on core strength are widely available, affordable, and useful.

Lessening the risk of hip fracture is important, but from my reading, the value of the pharmaceuticals such as Fosamax is over-rated. These drugs have some risks (ask your dentist about Fosamax-induced osteonecrosis), and the decrease in risk of hip fracture is so small as to be almost zero. Research has shown that there is far better data for the value of taking adequate amounts of Vitamin D3 each day. Women who have hip fractures are almost always deficient in Vitamin D, and women who take adequate amounts of Vitamin D3 have a markedly reduced risk of hip fracture. I recommend at least 1000 to 3000mg per day of Vitamin D3. To put this dosage in perspective, know that a Caucasian person in a sunny climate can produce almost 10,000mg per day of Vitamin D, with no known adverse effects.

The current recommendations for calcium intake are probably too high. Also, most women take far too little magnesium. I recommend that you take equal amounts of a soluble, well-absorbed calcium and magnesium supplement, and for many women, recommend more magnesium than calcium. Use magnesium malate, which is less likely to cause diarrhea, 1-4 grams daily, and calcium citrate-malate, 250-450mg daily.

The best food sources of calcium are organic dark-green leafy vegetables such as collards and kale. Milk from cows is not a good source of calcium for most people. The reasons for this are complex and include the fact that the proteins found in milk (whey, casein, and albumin) cause an exaggerated loss of calcium in the urine. People who consume milk, yogurt, cheese, and ice cream daily lose more calcium than they take in from the milk and end up with a negative calcium balance. We in the United States have the highest per capita consumption of milk and dairy products of any country in the world and the highest incidence of osteoporosis-induced fractures. You figure it out. (Visit for some wild fringe information on the dairy industry)

Bone density studies do not measure the strength of your bone, just the density. Density does not necessarily equate with strength. Read The Myth of Osteoporosis by Gillian Sanson for a good discussion of this.

Use this affirmation: "My bones are alive, and I have strong and healthy bones."



I’ve always wanted, very much, to be that woman.

The old one, with the hair like silver that seems to radiate its very own source of light.

The one with the knowing smile that hints at humour ever present and a life that’s been full of belly laughter.

The woman with the deep lines in her weathered skin, lines etched out by adventure, by joy, by fear and by growth.

I imagined how I’d float rather than walk because I no longer bear the weight of the world on my shoulders and I marvelled at how my days would be full to the brim with resting and noticing the world around me.

I would not care for thoughts of guilt because by then I would have learned that resting is doing, and is very important indeed.

There I would be reading, gardening, eating food I had grown and passing my little nuggets of wisdom down, to anyone who wanted to listen.

The contented crone.

The final phase of the journey of womanity.

No chasing youth for me,

I will be languishing, loudly, in the joy of my age and my luck at having got so far.

I’ve always wanted, very much, to be that woman.

Join me, if you like.

— Donna Ashworth

From my poetry book ‘LIFE’




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